Jun 062014

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) solved assignment  B.Ed, Teaching of General Science, Book code 657-3rd, Spring 2014 is available now according to AIOU pattern, please visit following links for more AIOU assignments available on the website. Contact for assignment delivery on Helpline number. View more Solved assignments Spring 2014

  14 Responses to “AIOU Solved Assignment B.Ed (Teaching of General Science, 657-3rd) Spring 2014 available now”

  1. I want solved assignments 2,3 n 4 Of Science code 657

  2. i want science code 657 1,2,3,4 solved assignmnt.

  3. plz send me solved assignment of code 657 science

  4. Sir, I need solved 3rd and 4th 657 and 519 B.Ed assignment on very urgent basis. I’ll b oblige if someone provide me but free of cost.

  5. how cn i got assignment thrgh net

  6. aoa sir plzz snd me b.ed 2 semester asignments code 657 nd 517llzz i need now.

  7. kindly can u please mail me answer of Question : 8 of assignment 4th of 657
    if yes………..i will post my gmail here

  8. Please provide the assignment question paper for general science course code 657 of spring 2015

  9. I want to get assiment of b.ad 657 2015 plzzzzzzz help me i am in very tension

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