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Aiou solved assignments for the semester of Spring 2015 are  in-process and will be available soon  anyone need kindly send your demand at info@aiouacademy.com or by calling phone no. mentioned on the website.

Solved Assignments Spring 20145 List

Class Codes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Matric 201*  Available Available  Available  Available
Matric 202*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Matric 203*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Matric 204*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Matric 207*    
Matric 217*    
Matric 218*    
Matric 220*    
Matric 221*  Available  Available
Matric 247*  Available  Available
Matric 248*  Available  Available
Matric 260*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 301*  Available  Available
Intermediate 308*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 311*  Available  Available  Available Available 
Intermediate 312*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 315*  Available Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 316*  Available  Available
Intermediate 317*  Available  Available
Intermediate 321*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 322*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 330*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 343*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 346*  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 347*  Available  Available
Intermediate 356*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 357*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 360* Available Available
Intermediate 363* Available Available
Intermediate 364*  Available  Available  
Intermediate 376*  Available  Available Available Available
Intermediate 386*  Available Available
Intermediate 387*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 394*  Available  Available    
Intermediate 395*  Available  Available    
                 BA/B.Com                 402*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 404*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 405*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 406*  Available  Available Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 408  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 411*  Available  Available Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 412*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 413* Available  Available    
                 BA/B.Com                 416*  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 417*  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 419*  Available Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 422*  Available  Available Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 407*  Available  Available  
                 BA/B.Com                 429*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 430*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 409*  Available  Available  
                 BA/B.Com                 436*  Available  Available Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 437*  Available  Available Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 438  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 444  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 445  Available  Available  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 447  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 451  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 452  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 453  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 454  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 455  Available Available 
                 BA/B.Com                 456  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 460  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 449  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 462* Available   Available
                 BA/B.Com                 463*  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 464*  Available  Available Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 466*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 467*  Available  Available  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 470*  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 472  Available  Available Available Available
BSC 481*  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 484*  Available Available
                 BA/B.Com                 485*  Available  Available
                 BA/B.Com                 487*  Available  Available
B.Ed 517*  Available  Available  Available  Available
B.Ed 519*  Available  Available  Available  Available
B.Ed 520*  Available  Available Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 537*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 545*  Available  Available
PTC 617*  Available  Available
PTC 618*  Available  Available
PTC 619*  
PTC 620*  Available  Available
B.Ed 653*  
B.Ed 654*  Available  Available  Available  Available
B.Ed 656*  Available  Available  Available  Available
B.Ed 657*  Available  Available  Available  Available
B.Ed 658*  Available  Available  Available  Available
B.Ed 661*  
MA / M.Ed 671*  Available  Available
MA / M.Ed 672*  Available Available
MA / M.Ed 673* Available  Available
M.Sc Economics 805*  Available  Available
M.Sc Economics 806*  Available Available
M.Sc Economics 807*  Available  Available
MA / M.Ed 831*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 834*  Available  Available  English  
MA / M.Ed 835*  Available Available  English  
MA / M.Ed 837*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 838*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 840*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 844*    
MA / M.Ed 845*    
MA / M.Ed 846*  Available Available
MA / M.Ed 847*    
MA / M.Ed 851*  Available  Available
MA / M.Ed 855*  Available  Available
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 874*    
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 877*    
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 878*    
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 880*    
BBA/B.Com 1421*  Available  Available
BA 1422*  Available  Available
B.Com 1423*  Available  Available
B.Com 1424*  Available  Available
B.Com 1425*  
B.Com 1429*  Available  Available
B.Com 1430*  Available  Available
B.Com 1431*  Available  Available    
PGD (CS) 3575*    
PGD (CS) 3576*    
PGD (CS) 3577*    
PGD (CS) 3578*    
PGD (CS) 3579*    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3611*  Available  Available
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3612*  Available  Available
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3613*  Available  Available
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3614*  Available  Available
MA ISLAMIAT 4601*  Available  Available
MA ISLAMIAT 4602*  Available  Available
MA ISLAMIAT 4631*  Available  Available
MA ISLAMIAT 4632*    
MA ISLAMIAT 4639*    
MA ISLAMIAT 4640*    
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 4645*    
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 4646*    
MSc. Gender and Women Studies 4647*    
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4659*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4660*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4661*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4662*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4667*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4668*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4669*  Available  Available
MSc. Pakistan Studies 4670*  Available  Available
Msc. Economics 4671*  Available Available
Msc. Economics 4672*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4681*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4682*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4683*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4684*  Available Available
MSc. Sociology 4685*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4691*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4692*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4693*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4694*  Available  Available
MSc. Sociology 4695*  Available Available
MSc. Sociology 4698*  Available  Available
MLIS 5500*  Available  Available
MLIS 5501*  Available  Available
MLIS 5502*  Available  Available
MLIS 5503*  Available  Available
MLIS 5504*  Available  Available
Col MBA/MPA 5563    
Col MBA/MPA 5564*    
Col MBA/MPA 5565*    
Col MBA/MPA 5566*    
Col MBA/MPA 5567    
Col MBA/MPA 5568    
Col MBA/MPA 5569    
Col MBA/MPA 5571*    
MBA Executive/MPA 5575*    
MBA Executive/MPA 5577*    
MBA Executive/MPA 5584    
MBA Executive/MPA 5588*    
MBA Executive/MPA 5599    
MA URDU 5605*  Available  Available
MA URDU 5606*  Available  Available
MA URDU 5607*  Available Available
MA URDU 5608*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5625*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5626*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5627*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5628*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5629*  
MSc. Mass Communication 5630*  
MSc. Mass Communication 5635*  Available Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5636*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5637*  Available  Available
MSc. Mass Communication 5638*  Available  Available
MLIS 5645*  Available  Available
MLIS 5646*  Available  Available
MLIS 5647*  Available  Available
MLIS 5648*  Available  Available
MLIS 5649*  Available  Available
MLIS 5650*  Available Available
Diploma TEFL 5655*  Available  Available    
Diploma TEFL 5656*  Available Available    
Diploma TEFL 5657*  Available  Available    
Diploma TEFL 5658*  Available  Available    
MA TEFL 5664  Available  Available    
MA TEFL 5665  Available  Available    
MA TEFL 5666  Available  Available    
MA TEFL 5669  Available Available    
MA History 5671*  Available  Available    
MA History 5672*  Available  Available    
MA History 5673*  Available  Available    
MA History 5674*  Available  Available    
MA History 5675*  Available  Available    
MA / M.Ed 6500*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6501*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6502*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6503*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6505*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6506*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6507*  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6552*  Available Available   English  Urdu
MA / M.Ed 6553* Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA EPM 6557*  Available  Available
MA EPM 6558*  Available  Available
MA EPM 6561*  Available  Available
MA EPM 6562*  Available  Available
MA EPM 6565*  Available  Available
MA EPM 6566*  Available Available
MA EPM 6569*  Available  Available
MA EPM 6570*  Available  Available
              MBA/M.Com              8502*    
              MBA/M.Com              8503*    
              MBA/M.Com              8504*  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8505*    
              MBA/M.Com              8506*    
              MBA/M.Com              8507*    
              MBA/M.Com              8508*    
              MBA/M.Com              8509*  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8510*  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8511*  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8513*    
              MBA/M.Com              8514*    
              MBA/M.Com              8515*    
              MBA/M.Com              8523  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8524  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8525  Available  
              MBA/M.Com              8532*    
              MBA/M.Com              8553*    
Management Sciences (MS) 8701*  
Management Sciences (MS) 8702*  
Management Sciences (MS) 8703*  
Management Sciences (MS) 8704*  
More Assignments Coming Soon

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    • tcs/courier slip ki photocopy (jo pehle send ki thi) aur ek note likh kar assigns k saaath dispatch kardo proof k taur par tutor ko aur dua karo

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